How to Send Friend Request when Blocked by Facebook

Sometimes your Friend Request is Blocked for a long Period of Time by Facebook. During that Time you are Enable to Send Request to Other People's. It's a Big Problem because if you want to talk to Someone who you just meet, you can't do that. So Here is the Solution of this problem.

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Make a Contact File and Upload

The Only thing you want to Know about the Second Person is his E-mail. If you Know it then this trick is very simple. Use these steps to create a Contact File to Upload on Facebook :
  • Firstly, Open a New Text Document 
  • Then in that type the E-mail Address of as many People's Separated by Commas
  • Save it as an Extension '.vcf' (Example - Contact.vcf). This File is your Contact File

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Steps to Upload your File

  • First, Go to Facebook and Login to your ID.
  • Go to Friend Finder
  • There you will see an option of Other Tools
  • Under that there is an option of Upload Contact File
  • Upload your Contact file there and you are Done !
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