Top - 15 Entertaining Websites to kill Boredom

Here is a list of non-tech websites which are always there in bookmarks of my browser. Whenever I feel bore I open any of those and have a little fun with. I don’t open these everyday but when I do they don’t waste a single penny of my time. You too can check them out.

1. WorldCam: This website contain Geo-Tagged photos of different places around the globe which are uploaded on Instagram. It shows all the recent pictures of the place which you search so you can see what is going on there at your favorite place right now. It uses your location to show what going on near  you. you can search your place and also upload what you have(

2. AwkwardFaimlyPhotos:  This is a website where people upload the awkward pictures of their loved ones. This is a website which you find in many coffee table magazines. this websites has weird setting which can make website both funny and entertaining(

3. ThisIsWhyI’mBroke: This is a website where you can  buy weird & unique products that you have never seen before on any e-comm website. any thing from a iPhone case to a vintage world war II boat, from a  toilet seat coffee mug to a Oreo dunking spoon. and many more (

4. 9-Eyes: This website contains an interesting collection of images which are captured from Google street-view cards around the world. you will find strange photos of the places on Google street view(

5. Larson-Shindelman: This website is owned by Larson and Shindelman. they take few geo-tagged pictures from the twitter and travel physically to that place  and take picture of that place and upload it here on the website with the caption of the same tweet(

6. LolMyThesis: This website is created by seniors of Harvard University. It consist of funny & lighthearted one line summaries of the thesis which are posted at the website. For an instance, there was phrase submitted by a student- “It turns out, an  only child never fights with its siblings.”(
7. Timelapse: This site contains images of how the places changed over decades or Two or Three . It contain a series of satellite images from Google Maps. We can use the “Explore our world” link to watch the timelapse of so many locations or we can say any location of the Planet cross the Globe (

8. ReasonMySonIsCrying: This website contains thousands of images of the small kids crying  and why they are crying posted from parents of kids around the world. If you are a new parent , you’ll love this one. As it will help you know the reason behind their tears. It is really a cute sites (

9. RichKidsOfInstagram: It is a social website where people a place to showoff there costly stuff and this Tumblr is a perfect example. You’ll find Yachts, cars, Gold, Diamonds,chartered and the most expensive of all. It captures the lavish  luxurious lifestyle of the rich through the pictures posted  on Instagram(

10.HonestSlogans: This  site contains logos with slogans but a little twist in it. Created by Clif Dickens this website pokes at famous iconic brands by mixing their logos with the slogan that convey what actually people think about that brand. Like men’s health magazine says-”" Every issue promises perfect abs”(

11. Lamebook: This website  contain post from the Facebook, but they are not only post they are most Weird and Hilarious post of all time on Facebook. The names and profile pictures of the Facebook users are blurred to protect their real identity but it is still really funny(

13. IsItNormal: In this website You can ask anything, and then website will help you understand where your feeling,urge or thoughts are normal or weird and just unique to you. suppose you ask “Do you think Manmohan  Singh  is a puppet?” the website will answer you  and tell your weirdness. Moreover other people can also answer your questions if your questions get approved. You can ask embarrassing questions too(
14. Stratocam: This website contain link of Google Maps . It is an online self running slide show of weird places from the satellite view of Google Maps. This website has Two Three modes, full screen mode. You may find beautiful and most unexpected places to explore that you probably never seen.(

15.Textastrophe: This website contain unexplained conversation of messenger and will surely teach you why you should not post your cell phone number on public or in website in your advertisements. The creator start a text conversations with any random number regarding their product and publish the transcript on the internet. The chat are really funny(

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