Trace Location Name And Operator of any Mobile Number

In today's generation mobile have become our habit for daily life. I guess no one will be without mobile or smartphone..

But the technology comes with equal advantage and disadvantage. One major problem increasing day by day is getting MISS CALLS and prank calls from unknown people. Although we can simply ignore these calls but some times this may lead to serious issue. So for this problem I am writing an article to Trace Mobile Number with Name Location and Operator.

Tracing Name, Location and Operator Online

Here in this process you can trace mobile number by just entering  the number you want to trace in the search column click the below link...
After entering the number mobile number's detail will be shown as screenshot in the above image.

Trace Mobile Number's Name (By TrueCaller Website)

This is easiest and simplest method to trace phone number not only India but also worldwide. This is possible due to service and application provided by Truecaller.

Follow steps to trace mobile number easily and Free

  • Visit TrueCaller's official website by clicking Here..!
  • Enter the mobile number in Search Box. TrueCaller Trace Any Mobile Number Location Name and Operator.
  • After that it will ask to log in.
  • You can log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter or register for a new account using your Email.
  • After log in website, website will give you the Information. If you are facing any problem or you have doubt about information, don't worry just refer our second method of tracing location.

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Truecaller is the world's largest phone directory. With Truecaller you can search for any mobile, landline or business number in the world for free !!
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  1. Tracking mobile phone numbers has become very important for us because we all are flooded with many marketing calls, SMSs and fraud calls. helps us to trace mobile numbers in India. This is the number 1 and most popular site being used by Indian people and police/cops across India. This is the best website for cell phone tracking.

  2. True Call Mobile Locator - GPS Tracker is a unique app which will help you to track mobile phone location history during the day and night using GPS Location History option.