Permanently Delete Files from PC, Tablet and Android Phone – Undeletable Files

Many times we simply delete unwanted files from our computer by simply right-clicking and selecting the delete option. By doing this, the file of course will be deleted but shifts to the recycle bin immediately. Even if you clear the recycle bin, the unknown fact is that the files which you deleted are still present in the form of dead files on your hard drive.There are still many ways to recover these dead files or folders from your computer or device.
Delete Files Permanently

This is why it is very important to permanently delete sensitive data from your hard drives. This task can be done by a free app called Eraser. This app allows you to erase all the dead files from your system.
Eraser Installer
Once you download this app, follow the installation in your system. After successful installation, Run the app from your desktop all you need to do is to select files or folders that you wish to permanently delete, and then let Eraser do the rest.

Step by Step Process:

  • Click on the down arrow button next to Erase Schedule and 

Eraser Software
  • Then click on Add Data button.
  • Eraser Installation
  • Finally once you have finished selecting the data you wish to erase permanently, click on OK button.
  • Within a few seconds, Eraser will work its magic and permanently erase all the selected data.

The way this works is that it shreds the last remains of deleted files by overwriting them with patterns of useless data many times, hence making it impossible for anyone else to be able to recover it.
With this app, you can delete any kind of files any time permanently from your computer which you never want to recover again.

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